Natural resources, environment and agriculture

Related to this specific program, ENPO operates in the fields of agriculture, environment and natural resources primarily to ensure food supply, reduce environmental challenges and drive sustainable and efficient farming so that poverty can be combated and a healthy life for all Ethiopian people of all ages can develop. 

ENPO’s Natural Resources, Environment and agriculture program is formed to provide high-quality service, to generate new knowledge by introducing replicable technologies, conducting research, and providing practical services. 

ENPO works to increase the availability of clean water, improved sanitation, increase food production using organic fertilizers, prevent future food shortages, green energies and Increase expertise in waste management, especially within organic waste management and composting. 

The major focus of the program is directed towards environment, water, soil, forests, animals, and wildlife resources, waste management, energy, and others. The program’s overall purpose is to contribute to the solution of environmental and agricultural problems, to increase the understanding of natural resources systems, and to enhance the wise management of these resources. The program works on Ensuring adequate food and water to the needy people and achieving sustainable rural and urban development for current and future generations all hinge upon the responsible management of natural resources. 

The program’s Purpose Provide advice and support for the sustainable development in Ethiopia related to Environment, natural resources and agriculture. The program works to support poverty reduction, watershed management, biodiversity conservation and climate change policy objectives with emphasis on developing the capacities of the local governments, institutions and communities as development partners.