Health and social works

The Health and social program of ENPO works to increase access and quality assurance of primary health and social services to vulnerable and marginalized groups in Ethiopia. The program also supports monitoring activities by increasing knowledge and skills through introduction of ENPO’s professionals skills and experiences, through education and some preventative practices. 

In relation to health, ENPO provide its support through reproductive health programs so that the availability of conventional health services to women and children can be increased. ENPO works to support governmental institutions and association and work with local authorities and organizations to protect women and girls from customs that threaten their welfare. 

Furthermore ENPO works on promotion of community mobilization to address a variety of reproductive health issues in youth and mother / children by abolishing harmful practices. It also supports Ethiopia to increase competence within equality and participate in social and economic work to combat discrimination. 

ENPO supports activities towards ensuring rights for vulnerable groups and reach the poor; including elderly people, function impaired and other people who do not have care services and caregivers.