Democracy, good governance and human rights

This program works to increase knowledge about conflict resolution and peace building both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, as a professional, ENPO contributes with political recommendations and expert opinion both nationally and internationally. In order to realize these goals, the ENPO will provide advice and guidance on group, institution and community level. 

ENPOs Democracy, good governance and human rights program promotes respect for human rights and bet on the protection of children in general, girls and other vulnerable groups who are exposed to various difficult life situations due to poverty and lack of welfare provision and rights. The program works to ensure a transparent, democratic and accountable environment in the respect of Human Rights and the Rule of Law, contributing to reducing fragility, fostering political stability and effective governance, and enabling sustainable and inclusive development and growth.

ENPO’s professionals work in enhancing cooperation on democratic governance issues, on defense of human rights in Ethiopia against impunity at national and international level and in the protection of human rights; enhancing dialogue between human rights institutions; increasing coordination and cooperation with other international humanitarian institutions; and support to the full operationalization of various organs including their necessary coordination. 

The Democracy, good governance and human rights program of ENPO works on the introduction of ethics, democracy and social norms in primary schools, which can strengthen gender equality, prevent future ethnic conflicts, so that today’s children and youth in Ethiopia grow up with a positive outlook and focus on helping to develop their country , thereby reducing the number of refugees to Europe, human trafficking and human trafficking.