ENPO is established to promote development and business activities between Norway and Ethiopia by serving as a link between the two countries. Furthermore ENPO raises awareness of social challenges among Ethiopians, Norwegian Ethiopians and other minority groups by sharing knowledge, skills and innovative capacity and thereby motivating them to contribute to economic development here in Norway and in their home country.

ENPO operates in Ethiopia and Norway through four major programs. The programs include:

  • Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture;
  • Health and social works;
  • Education and Technology and
  • Democracy, good governance and human rights.

Each program has its own program leader and ENPO’s program coordinator is responsible to coordinate these four programs in such a way that ENPO addresses its objectives in an effective and efficient manner. ENPO also realizes the program list as neither exhaustive nor exclusive, it is rather meant to be as a way of organizing activities. New ideas, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

ENPO has well experienced professionals of various disciplines who are active and dedicated towards resolving issues in the program areas identified. ENPO aims to deliver its support to Ethiopia and Norway through creation of the cooperation arena for both Norway and Ethiopia, so that common interests within socio-economic, culture, education, development assistance and various development and research projects, etc. can be taken care of.