Ethics and codes of conduct

1.    Purpose, Principles and Scope

ENPO is a volunteer organization operated in accordance with Norwegian legislation and ENPO’s principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, volunteering, unity and universality. The purpose of ENPO’s ethical rules is to ensure good ethical practice and defining common standards for members. The ethical rules are applicable to every member of the organization. As a matter of fundamental principle, ENPO adheres to the highest ethical standards because we believe it is the right thing to do in building public trust and ensure legitimacy in our performance.

2.    Mission

The organization has a clearly stated mission and purpose, approved by the Management team and the general assembly. All of its programs are intended to support that mission and all who work for or on behalf of ENPO understand and are loyal to that mission and purpose. The mission is responsive to the constituency and communities, organizations, and agencies served by the organization and of value to the society at large. As such, All ENPO members who are assigned to different tasks and responsibilities must demonstrate full integrity in respecting and implementing with the ethical standards, rules, ENPO’s values and decisions. They should also perform their duties at its best and act in a way that does not harm the reputation and trust of the organization to individuals, communities, and organizations it serves.

3.    Statement of Values

All staff, board members and volunteers of the organization act with honesty, integrity and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. The organization promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity. In line with these values, all members of ENPO should demonstrate the following ethical values:

ü  Practice their profession with the highest sense of integrity, honesty, and truthfulness to maintain and broaden public confidence    

ü  Adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in all aspects of grantsmanship

ü  Continually improve their professional knowledge and skills

ü  Promote positive relationships between grant professionals and their stakeholders

ü  Value the privacy, freedom, choice and interests of all those affected by their actions

ü  Ensure that funds are solicited according to program guidelines

ü  Foster cultural diversity and pluralistic values and treat all people with dignity and respect

ü  Become leaders and role models in the field of grantsmanship

ü  Encourage colleagues to embrace and practice ENPO’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice.

4.    Professional Obligations

ü  Members shall act according to the highest ethical standards of their institution, profession, and conscience.

ü  Members shall obey all applicable local, state, provincial, and federal civil and criminal laws and regulations.

ü  Members shall avoid the appearance of any criminal offense or professional misconduct.

ü  Members shall disclose all relationships that might constitute, or appear to constitute, conflicts of interest.

ü  Members shall not be associated directly or indirectly with any service, product, individuals, or organizations in a way that they know is misleading.

ü  Members should pay monthly contributions

5.    Legal Obligations

The organization is knowledgeable of and complies with all laws, regulations to national and regional governments as well as applicable international conventions!

6.    Management of funds

ENPO and its subsidiaries are committed to manage their funds responsibly and prudently. This should include the following considerations:

ü  It spends a reasonable percentage of its annual budget on programs in pursuance of its   mission;

ü  It spends an adequate amount on administrative expenses to ensure effective accounting systems, internal controls, competent staff, and other expenditures critical to professional management;

ü  The organization compensates staff, and any others who may receive compensation, reasonably and appropriately;

ü  Members that are involved in the purchase of goods and services shall be familiar with the current rules for procurement;

ü  Members shall disclose any potential conflict of interest with a supplier or business partner (such as family relationships or equity ownership)

ü  All financial reports are factually accurate and complete in all material respects.

7.    Presentation of Information:

ü  Members shall not disclose privileged information to unauthorized parties.  Information acquired from consumers is confidential.  This includes verbal and written disclosures, records, and video or audio recording of an activity or presentation without appropriate releases;

ü  Members shall not plagiarize in any professional work, including, but not limited to: grant proposals, journal articles/magazines, scholarly works, advertising/marketing materials, websites, scientific articles, self-plagiarism, etc;

ü  Members are responsible for knowing the confidentiality regulations within their jurisdiction;

ü  Members shall use accurate and consistent accounting methods that conform to the appropriate guidelines Compensation;

ü  Members may accept performance-based compensation, such as bonuses, provided such bonuses are in accordance with prevailing practices within the members’ own organizations and are not based on a percentage of grant monies;

ü  Members shall not accept or pay a finder’s fee, commission, or percentage compensation based on grants and shall take care to discourage their organizations from making such payments;

ü  Compensation should not be written into grants unless allowed by the funder.  

8.    Benefits of Membership

ü  Members can apply for project funding through ENPO,

ü  Member can get advisory and mentoring service from other professionals on diverse issues,

ü  ENPO can facilitate networking with Ethio-Norwegian professionals to exchange resources & experiences to support career goals

ü  Member get an opportunity to contribute to the positive development endeavours in Ethiopia

ü  Members can get free access to workshops and seminars


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