Ethiopian Norwegian
Professional Organisation

A community striving to contribute its fair share back to Ethiopia

We have identified some project areas

please explore them and let us know if we missed something or you have an idea

Environment and agriculture

We work in efficient utilization of natural resources ad well as addressing environmental and agricultural challenges

Health and social works

We focus on efforts towards quality primary health and social service to vulnerable groups.


Education is the key towards combating poverty. We aim to contribute towards quality education.


We work on development and use of modern technologies for various institutions and work practices.

Good governance

Our focus is towards increasing knowledge in conflict resolution and peace building practices.

Democracy and human rights

We promote respect for human rights and protection of children, women and vulnerable groups.





As ENPO management, we welcome you all. We are

driven by a vision to build strong community

committed to share ideas, skills and resources

non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation

strong advocate of partnerships

transparent, ethical and accountable

officially registered both in Norway and Ethiopia

Ethiopians in Norway

some statistics from sentralbyrå

Strong community

As of 2017 a total of more than 7888 Ethiopians or persons with Ethiopian origin live in Norway.

Well educated

More than 1200 have higher education up to 4 years. 800 are at Masters and PhD level.

Hard working

75% of Ethiopians in Norway are engaged in either full-time work or full-time education.

The management team

group of professionals busy in their own life but committed to the good cause of ENPO

Latest News

Transparency is one pillar of our constitution. We keep you posted on all our activities.

Thinking of doing something back home?

could be sending books, organizing training, implementing a project or other. It is better to do it through an institution.